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A long trilogy in short space

fahmida_chaity | 7 Jun , 2008  

A man prepares for prayers. In parallel scenes of Veils , a girl dresses up with eyeshades and lipstick.

The first film of Monday evening starts with the Quran verses with calls to the predawn payers.

Taimoor N Sobhan
After a short introduction by Taimoor N Sobhan, the short film began at the capital’s Radius Centre on Gulshan Avenue. The film portrays preparation for the wedding of Mariam, an Israeli woman, and Samad, a Palestinian.

Not everyone in their families is happy about the impending nuptials—especially the grandparents.

Maureen Lipman and David Horovitch starred in the 12-minute film, shot in high definition with professional camera work and crystal clear sound.

The young filmmaker believes that eyes see, but ears imagine. For the same reason, Taimoor says, he pays extra attention to sound.

Close shots stand out with sheer dexterity. Dialogues reflect a greater world, where love makes its way beyond the community. The persons are believers of one God.

The dialogues shine the spotlight on the Palestine-Israel crisis, beyond the confines of families.

Veils is an award-winning film funded by the Pears Foundation and the UK Jewish Film Festival 2007. It was also in the official nomination of Atlanta Film Festival 2008.

Next comes Middle Management , one of Taimoor’s works done when he was in Prague.

The story revolves around a man, who experiences a strange day in his office. As the stressful reality of life weighs in, imagination takes him into a different world.

Shot in MiniDV cam, the film seemed too long. But special attention to sound sets the film apart.

Affect was the third film to be screened.

A nurse takes her dying patient out of hospital and to her apartment and begins an extreme form of medical and psychological ‘therapy’.

The film has created a platform, where it is open to multiple interpretations.

It is Taimoor’s academic thesis work. He termed the film “most abstract” among the three. Shot in Super 16mm, the 14-minute film is rich in insights and depth.

“It pictures more than it shows,” a film critic says.

Affect was in the official selection of Rome Independent Film Festival 2006 and Ivy Film Festival 2006.

Taimoor says he loves the short form of film and enjoys the challenge of creating something big in a short space of time.

“If you are given a limited space on paper, you are more conscious about your writing. You can’t just go on. And that’s what happens with me in filming,” he says.

“The creation starts with writing. But the duration is not always predetermined, unless there is a condition attached. It comes up and takes shape,” Taimoor says.

Taimoor has been working as an international producer/director for film and television. He performed different forms of duties in production, from technical manager to director.

He has worked as technical manager of the London branch of the New York Film Academy, and more recently on the camera crew for Mira Nair’s short film, “How Can It Be.”

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