Three Poems

ShumonA | 25 Oct , 2007  



You are not of this planet
Of this distant space
Where you drift along the shore
Where you get lost in you the mirror
You are from a distant time
A distant kiss
Longing to pull me back
Again to your flame.

You are me, and I… you
We are like two shells
Floating under the sea
For eternity too…


I dream,
And when I do
I see you,
You a distant road of black pitch torn apart by invisible lights
You a tree
I see
In the night when every man is apart,
From the day that he lived through.
Then again I see you

Millions of times I slept and woke
With a strange smell of an oak.

And then,

I dream about a blue sea,
Coming closer towards me…

Embryos of a future moon

Swim and drown
Fly if not
Moments wait
Long after they take their last breath
Wanting to be flown away to the Moment’s
Bearing embryos of a future moon.
Walk and enter
Vale into a naked sky…
Inhale lighted pimples of its dark skin,
Through wondering souls eye…


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  1. Sanya says:


    I enjoyed your poetry. I thought the second poem was beautiful! However, I thought if you changed the fourth last sentence from: “with a strange SMELL of an oak” to “with a strange SCENT of an oak”, it would be even better. To me, ‘smell’ can have a negative connotation, whereas ‘scent’ usually has a positive and romantic feel about it (and is probably more appropriate here, since it seems that a loved one is being compared with a tree here??).

    Anyway, that was just a minor suggestion. In any case, I enjoyed your poetry.


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