Two Poems

ehsan_imdad | 13 Mar , 2008  

Homeless Papa Columbus

Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Fought in Vietnam War
Lives under the sky in Manhattan
Like all of us
Except for a roof at night

Sleeps on yesterday’s New York Times
Covering his body with DHL boxes
Under the deepest blue sky
A meadow of winking stars
He also parties with three winos
And a retired prostitute
“Night train” & “Thundered bird”
Dollar a bottle
Nickels, Dimes, and Quarters
Party gets glamorous

Great news! Aristocratic dogs
Left their food nose upturned, to boot.
They run with watering mouths

An ignorant question to the President
Did we must?

Tribute to My America of Quarter Century

(Dedicated to President Bill Clinton)

Christopher Columbus sails his ship through
Native Americans’ veins

George Washington
Crosses the many rivers of my soul

Oh, yeah, George Bush keeps warning me
Jesus is coming

And Howard Stern keeps reminding me
To use water in toilet

Abraham Lincoln
Breathes me when I speak words of brotherhood
And God Almighty

Victoria’s Secret keeps my eyes wide open
In Allen Ginsberg’s depth

I am America
My body unmapped yet

I am Jewish
I am Hindu
I am Buddhist
I am Christian
I am Muslim
I am what I am
I am America
My religion is Human

I am America
In debt in mind
In sharing what I’ve got with others

I am America with John Denver’s
Luscious music of farm land
And country road

I am America from Maine to Santiago
I am America from Tampa to Seattle

Native American reevaluation
Meditative Deepak Chopra
Instrumentation of Carlos Santana
Ricky Martin

Pat O’Reilly

I am NPR radio I am PBS Channel 13

Jimi Hendrix lives in me in harmony
With Rush Limbaugh and Larry King
With Blues and Heavy Metal
With Gore and Bush
I am America

Jerry Falwell, Mollah or Hasidic
Take it or leave it
You all are America
A very thin line between love and hate
America hugs you

Jim Morrison’s Shadow is attached to mine
Uncovering the secret
Of my majestic rights

You can’t deny that I can’t deny that we can’t deny
Our America
Tiger Afro Thai Woods is ours

I am Bangalee
I am America
America’s in me
Reliving my moment for the last time

Bangladesh my present
Bangladesh my future

I am needed here as I was needed there.

January 2008
Dhaka, Bangladesh


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  1. tanvir ahamed says:

    Very nice.

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