Poet for the World: The Universality of Kazi Nazrul Islam.

মারিয়া এলেনা বাররেরা-আগারওয়াল | 1-Mar-2015  

When I was preparing for this talk, my first intention was to create a lecture structured traditionally, infused with abundant quotations taken from the choicest scholarly sources available. A few weeks into my work, I was proofreading the text when I realized that most of these sources – almost every one of them, in fact […]

Oral Traditions of Bangladesh: Some Basic Traits

shamsuzzaman khan | 21-Mar-2008  

In the USA and some European countries the synchronic method of studying folklore has been a modern trend in recent times. Since this sub¬continent of ours has a history of great antiquity and a perennial backwardness in social development, non-literate culture or oral culture still has an abiding influence. This means the synchronic method in […]