Maria Helena Barrera-Agarwal: Nazrul was universal

16 Apr , 2017  

Kazi Nazrul Islam wrote in Bangla but he wrote for the world, says Maria Barrera-Agarwal, who was the first to translate the great poet into Spanish. It is this universality about Nazrul’s poetry that attracted her to the great poet.’s Samin Sababa caught up with her during her first visit to Dhaka in 2015. […]

Aparajito and Aristotle:

An interview with Gaston Roberge

5 Jun , 2008  

By Amirul Rajiv and Ahsan Habib Film scholar Gaston Roberge talks about Indian film, Greek and Indian theatre and the power of the internet. Gaston Roberge, Photo by Amirul Rajiv ● You are a Jesuit, a member of a religious society. Why did you go to study films? – There are two reasons mainly. First […]

An Afternoon with Jon Fosse

31 Jan , 2008  

To Sabiha Huq, an Ibsen admirer and detractor, who inspired me to write the piece at one go. He is a living legend of Norwegian literature. He is an all-in-one — a poet, a novelist, a playwright and an essayist. Above all, he is a prolific writer — tirelessly Jon Fosse with the interviewer contributing […]