Nudrat Lohani | 23-Feb-2008  

Won’t you save me, hon? Standing at your threshold, Mundane madness. My hair blows in the screaming wind. And here they come. Won’t you save me, hon? Drenched in your holy water; My demons gone mad. Trumpets of the death parade. And here they come. Won’t you save me, hon? My skin might crawl, But […]

Twist of fate

Stawb Peter | 31-Jan-2008  

“Kid… you sure about this? Look this isn’t a toy…it’s the real thing—you pull the trigger and it’s all over in a split second!” He was sweating profusely; sweat dripping off his forehead said it all. His heart was in his mouth, and he exactly knew what he was doing. His eyes showed the gravity, […]

My eleven-hour love story

Asif Ahmed Noor | 17-Jan-2008  

“It’s one…where are you?” “Yeah I’m right here; I’ll see you in about five minutes.” “Ok, then I’ll wait right here on level two. Come fast.” There was a beep at the other end. With a quick glance at his wrist watch Oni smiled and rushed through the crowded pavement. It’s one in the afternoon; […]