Mohammad Nurul Huda on Ekushey February

মুহম্মদ নূরুল হুদা | 21-Feb-2017  

This is the Ekushey day — recalling the 21st of February The day when a stirred-up race erupted incandescently And till now, that day in Bengali minds shines brilliantly. It’s a day for morning processions and bare-feet walks For crimson-lined white saris and pinned black badges For grieving people with bosoms bearing history’s burdens The […]

Suraiya Akter Risha

Sanjida sumaiya | 10-Sep-2016  

The date was 24th August…… Breaking hour of Willis little Flower As usual the street became thick of, navy blue and white As usual a blooming flower Risha stepped out Maybe she ate a plate of Fuchka with her friends, Maybe she laughed her head off on a silly joke, Maybe that was the last […]

Two Poems

Ehsan Imdad | 13-Mar-2008  

Homeless Papa Columbus Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma Fought in Vietnam War Lives under the sky in Manhattan Like all of us Except for a roof at night Sleeps on yesterday’s New York Times Covering his body with DHL boxes Under the deepest blue sky A meadow of winking stars He also parties with three winos […]

Shudhiranjan and the early morning train

Mir Waliuzzaman | 23-Feb-2008  

‘I’ve to catch the early morning train, wake me up at dawn’- Saying so, Shudhiranjan stepped into the water. This is Shudhiranjan, waves kiss his hands and feet, Floral green motifs on the end of a sari dance in his view, a pair of bracelets adorns An ethereal shape supine—spread out in water, on landmass, […]

On Behula’s Raft

Khondakar Ashraf Hossain | 10-Jan-2008  

(A part of Bangali mythology, the Behula-Lakhindar story is the reverse of the Orpheus-Eurydice myth: here the wife seeks to bring back her husband, who died of snakebite as a result of the wrath of a vengeful goddess, from the domain of death. Behula, the wife, floats on a raft with her husband’s deadbody along […]


Fazal M. Kamal | 22-Nov-2007  

I waited. (Patiently.) I left. (Dejectedly.) You never called. (Predictably.) As you said you’d. (Inaccurately.) I still wait. (Patiently.)

Two Poems

Neeman sobhan | 15-Nov-2007  

JULIET’S HOUSE, VERONA It is quite possible she lived elsewhere. No matter, for I did not come to sniff her trail, nor even to posture at that faded balcony clogged with the ivy of legend. I came to watch from upstair windows the crowd of devotees with slung cameras, and to marvel how we expend […]

Three Poems

Shumon Ahmed | 25-Oct-2007  

Dream You are not of this planet Of this distant space Where you drift along the shore Where you get lost in you the mirror You are from a distant time A distant kiss Longing to pull me back Again to your flame. You are me, and I… you We are like two shells Floating […]

‘Crystal Cove’ & ‘Monsoon Memories’

Dibakar Barua | 18-Oct-2007  

Crystal Cove, New Year’s Eve, 2003 I pick three bleached pebbles with thin blue veins and array them in silent invocation of the triple gem. My mind in a ductile reach attaches to shapes as the loud tongue of impermanence lashes the shore, spitting out broken shells, licking clean sandpiper footprints.