Two Veiled Ladies

Tonima Mahmud Antora | 19-Jul-2018  

Saima is watching the two ladies in front of her. They are continuously talking about their lifestyle, shopping, jewelleries, children and most importantly husbands. The relationship between these two women is totally commercial. One is customer and other one is the ladies parlour owner. The name of the customer lady is Mina, middle aged, quite […]

My eleven-hour love story

Asif Ahmed Noor | 17-Jan-2008  

“It’s one…where are you?” “Yeah I’m right here; I’ll see you in about five minutes.” “Ok, then I’ll wait right here on level two. Come fast.” There was a beep at the other end. With a quick glance at his wrist watch Oni smiled and rushed through the crowded pavement. It’s one in the afternoon; […]

The Night of the Full Moon

Mir Waliuzzaman | 10-Jan-2008  

Like any other serious predicament, it all had started most ordinarily. And, if the phenomenon which is being considered to be the underlying reason of everything is found justified, then it should boil down to a very simple affair, after all. Because the darling daughter used to be cross with her parents regularly, as they […]


Dibakar Barua | 20-Dec-2007  

A blue and white jumbo jet shakes free of the earth and roars into an afternoon glare. Shredded clouds, a hard crystalline sheet of water below, and the dotted fragility of the Los Angeles shoreline seem strange and sorrowful. The last time I crossed the Pacific was five years ago, in 1990, when my wife […]

It’s only a story

Fazal M. Kamal | 29-Nov-2007  

She was drop-dead beautiful. He was more than cynical. She had rose-petal lips. He had a profusion of blemishes. She was blossoming. He was intensely hungry for the world. The first time he saw her he couldn’t restrain himself from staring at her. The first time she saw him she couldn’t restrain herself from running […]

Mon coeur

Mir Waliuzzaman | 15-Nov-2007  

(Mrinalini Devi writes to R N Tagore as imagined by the author of this piece) It is midnight. Madhurilata sleeps verily like a child beside me; I happen to be lying supine, all alone, awake. Closing my tired, aching eyes, I see you swaying gently on the Padma waves, an elbow propped on piles of […]

The Wife’s Letter

Shawkat Hussain | 1-Nov-2007  

(This is a translation of Rabindranath Tagore’s Streer Patra) Respected Lotus-Footed one, We have been married for fifteen years and I have not written you any letter in this time. We have always been together and there was never any need to write letters. Today, I have come for a pilgrimage at Srikhettra and you […]

Seek, and ye may not find

Fazal M. Kamal | 25-Oct-2007  

An unfinished dialogue “Doc, they just won’t let me forget her!” “Who won’t?” “They. All those radio stations!” “Why would they be after you?” “I don’t know, Doc. I just don’t know. But they keep playing that song over and over and over again!” “What song?” “That James Blunt song. You know, the one I […]