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It’s only a story

Fazal M. Kamal | 29-Nov-2007  

She was drop-dead beautiful. He was more than cynical. She had rose-petal lips. He had a profusion of blemishes. She was blossoming. He was intensely hungry for the world. The first time he saw her he couldn’t restrain himself from staring at her. The first time she saw him she couldn’t restrain herself from running […]


Fazal M. Kamal | 22-Nov-2007  

I waited. (Patiently.) I left. (Dejectedly.) You never called. (Predictably.) As you said you’d. (Inaccurately.) I still wait. (Patiently.)

Seek, and ye may not find

Fazal M. Kamal | 25-Oct-2007  

An unfinished dialogue “Doc, they just won’t let me forget her!” “Who won’t?” “They. All those radio stations!” “Why would they be after you?” “I don’t know, Doc. I just don’t know. But they keep playing that song over and over and over again!” “What song?” “That James Blunt song. You know, the one I […]